Rene (26 Apr 2011)
"Re - Steven & "Contaminated Water""

I believe what you say is part of the answer, because the longer this old world goes on and on... the more and more this planet is being poisoned and contaminated by radiation, mercury, toxic plastics etc. The thing is - God has a timeline for each of us and a job for each of us to do as part of His body. Regardless of how bad things get, HE will keep us alive no matter what it takes, to be sure that we fulfill His will. If God has a plan for your life, no devil in hell can kill you until God is done with you! Look at Job. Satan tried to destroy him with a mad frenzy and failed miserably. I am sure when the day comes that we stand before our beloved Savior at the judgment seat of Christ, we will know every single instance and be amazed by the many times God has saved us from immediate death when we had no clue we were even in danger! There is an invisible war being waged around us at all times of the day and night! As the time for the rapture gets nearer and nearer, some people are catching glimpses of that world in visions and dreams. I am always in awe at the immeasurable, inexplicable, great and wondrous love that God has for each of us, and  I cannot fathom the cruel, searing hatred that the devil has for us.