Rene (23 Apr 2011)
"re: Matt M and April 21"

    You need to realize that most of us here at 5 DOVES are WATCHERS, not prophets and we don't claim to be prophets! Far as I know, the only one who qualifies that we've discussed recently is Dr. Owour and so far he has not been proven wrong. When we hear of a child or teen or some adult who says that they think they heard such-and-such, none of us considers them a prophet and we aren't devastated and ready to throw stones at them, or pitch them under a bus, nor others who opine here about their dreams or visions. There is a BIG difference between those who claim to be "prophets," and those of us who are watchers! I for one consider everyone's point of view here - all the dreams and visions, but I don't look at all these contributors as "prophets," who are certain that they are hearing from the Lord! This site would have folded a long time ago had that been true. I'm sure Tng would agree. We are primarily WATCHERS and will continue to be WATCHERS. Just because we are still here and it is April 21, no one should feel discouraged or intimidated in any way from sharing their thoughts, feelings, dreams etc. We continue to wait and WATCH!
     Matt wrote:
    April 21 is passed. I hope you have realized now that not every dream, not every thought and vision is from the Lord. We can not go by feelings of excitement but truthfully discern everything because in these last days the enemy is more active in deceiving than people realize. We all are human but its so important to 'prove all things' whether they are from God.
    in Christ,