Rene (21 Apr 2011)
"to Nicole - re: mom's vision"

Wow - Nicole! This was a vision your mom had, not a dream in the night - right?
Nicole (20 Apr 2011)
"To Calvin at RITA:  Regarding Bible Belt"

Calvin, I found your article that you wrote regarding the Bible Belt and it jogged my memory of something that my mother had said.

She had a vision of Obama last week and everytime he gets angry, his eyes roll back into his head and the whites of his eyes shine like he is possessed.   Anyways he was talking to a group of men and they were mad at us Christians and wanted to "shut us up."    And if you watch the television program O'Reilly Factor he is always saying that we need to "SHUT UP!"

Hmm, then 140 powerful tornadoes rip across 6 states?   And from what I can find is that the weather patterns are abnormal and man made due to the use of HAARP!