Rene (2 Apr 2011)
"Is this the "Crisis" that they are going to use--?"

I have no doubt that the nefarious members of the NWO, the far left liberals in the media, et all - are going to use some "crisis" to usher millions of people into prisons in our country (US). The prisons are there - evidence abounds - all you have to do is check the research for yourself. It's all over the internet. There are 4 nuclear power plants in Japan and 3 are still not under control. It is possible one or all three could go into full-scale melt down. If this occurs - WILL this be the excuse they use to rob all U.S. citizens of their property? (When a government goes BROKE, they STEAL from the people!) and herd them like cattle out of their homes, off their property. and into detention centers FOR THEIR OWN PROTECTION, of course!? Under the guise of protecting everyone from radioactive clouds coming our way? Or - will they simply NOT warn anyone of the massive amount of radiation so that they can get their wish of eliminating millions of people - just let them die of radiation poisoning? Either way - we're in a mess. It's a mess that only God Himself can FIX!