Rene (18 Apr 2011)
"re: Linda H. and Perry Stone's 10 cm"

you wrote:
"Spoely, Loved the Perry Stone stuff.  
 I am a nurse midwife and I can tell you that in the comparison to labor the change in
centimeters dilation of the cervix is also as he said about the time--"compressed."
 Most of the length of labor is used to get through the first six to seven centimeters and the last three tofours centimeter go more quickly because although the contractions slow down a little (theycharacteristicly come in pairs or triplets and then there is pause) they are much stronger.  And the work of thesecontractions that accomplish the last two to three centimeter dilation also cause the dramaticchange in station.  Station is the measure of the fetus being pushed down in the pelvis known as the 'decent'".
It is so interesting, because I was thinking of the rapture and the fact that Jesus DESCENDS from heaven with a SHOUT! And the first thing the baby does at birth is YELL!  :-) At least they
WANT the baby to yell to clear out the lungs!