Rene (18 Apr 2011)
"re: Suzi - "Let's be Cear""

you wrote:
"Just google Obama Ericksonian hypnosis, and you will see that he's been using it all along. *shudder* The whole idea behind 'let's be clear' is to try to convince us of his 'transparency'...rationally, we know he's the least transparent of politicians out he has to 'plant' the idea in our subconscious to make us believe he is. I have never been able to sit through hearing him speak, I feel the evil coming off makes be sick and just gives me the creeps. Once you understand how this technique works, you can plainly see that it's been used from the get go. Highly unethical to be sure. :( "
I feel the EXACT same way as you've explained. When I see him on TV, I quickly switch channels. I am just creeped out!