Rene (18 Apr 2011)
"re: I Cor 10:31 - Kids being told now what to eat--!"

Thanks for the note and yes, I saw this about kids being told not to bring a lunch from home. Well, so much for all those moms who want to send their kids to school with healthier lunches than the toxic-laden foods that are often served to kids in school You can send your kid to school with an organic lunch that is free of pesticides and hormones, but you won't get organic lunches in a school cafeteria! You will get (many times) micro-waved food, processed foods (thawed out and cooked) and many times total junk like hot dogs and fries or thawed out tacos and chips. And yes, I agree about the milk.  It is just another way for "big brother" to control what your kids eat. And what will they do if kids DO bring in their lunches anyway? Arrest the parents like they try to arrest them for NOT giving them their prescription psychiatric drugs that have worse SIDE EFFECTS than the problems they are trying to treat?