Rene (16 Apr 2011)
"re: Feeling that 2011 is just different - like this is it!"

I know that anyone here who has been following this site since Tng started it so many years ago  :-) have all seen "prophetic" signs as they come and go with a rising tide of excitement at each passing year and each time a main Jewish holiday comes (and goes)! I feel that this year is somehow different. I know that we could still be here another 3 - 5 -10 years or more, but when you look at everything that has just happened in 2011 and especially all the ELEVENS that have come and are coming up when we know that ELEVEN is God's number for judgment -- I don't know about the rest of you -- but somehow this year seems
DIFFERENT. The pace has picked up, the sense of peril in the world is heightened, the sense of the nearness of God to His church is elevated! I know we have all heard this before - but this year just seems different to me - like this is really IT - this is the YEAR!
I expect Moses and Elijah to be seen soon!!!
I know that others feel this way too about 2011. I also believe that B.O. is the man of the hour. There is just too much evidence, especially all the documentation done by John Tng, that this is the case. Then, how soon must the catching away be!!! Take heart, those of you
who are disheartened! Our redemption truly is AT THE DOOR!