Rene (1 Apr 2011)
"The Unfolding Disaster in Japan"

Notice who it is in THIS ARTICLE that is saying it 's SAFE to drink radiated milk.
The EPA, The US Government, and the DAIRY INDUSTRY - no kidding! Radiated
milk is SAFE for you, but don't dare drink RAW milk!!! In some states, you can
actually get ARRESTED for selling raw milk from your own dairy herd, but go right
ahead and drink the radiated milk! NO PROBLEM! Remember these are some
of the same thugs who told you that it was SAFE for your children to get mercury-laden
vaccines, safe for YOU to get mercury-laden dental fillings, SAFE for you and your
children to drink CHLORINE and FLUORIDE in your water supply, SAFE for YOU to
eat beef and chicken with GROWTH hormones, and SAFE for you to eat genetically-
modified foods (foods that THEY tampered with)!
Do they really think that we are all as stupid as they are?