Ray Schulz (26 Apr 2011)



To the Five Doves,


The 4th  chapter of Daniel contains a letter from the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar to his subjects regarding his episode of having his kingdom taken away, being cast out to exist like an animal for several years and the fall of his kingdom.


Very few have ever viewed the 4th chapter of Daniel as a fertile source of Bible prophecy, but I found a very important prophecy hidden in this account.  The king's dream that led up to his banishment and the downfall of his kingdom has a double fulfillment: it will be repeated again in the end times.


The hidden prophecy found in the 4th chapter of Daniel points to the fall of a powerful end-time Gentile nation that will resemble the fall of Nebuchadnezzar's ancient kingdom.  This modern nation is actually the fourth kingdom of Daniel 7:7, the beast that "devoured and brake in pieces," and it is the kingdom of the antichrist.  In my opinion the fourth kingdom of Daniel 7:7 was recently launched, and it is already in place.


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Ray Schulz

Look Up! Ministries