Raul D  (28 Apr 2011)
"The 63rd Anniversary of Israel, Mothers Day, Rapture and Pole shift?"

Greetings Doves,
The 63rd Anniversary of Israel, Mothers Day, Rapture and Pole shift?
Sunday May 8, 2011 is Mothers Day and at sundown is the start of Iyar 5 in Jerusalem the
63rd Anniversary of Israel, Iyar 5 May 8/9, 2011 + 7 years of 2537 days = Iyar 5, 5778, Apr 20, 2018

Youtube 9Nania was wrong about a pole shift on March 15 but she stated that from  March 11-15 there was going to be something major that was going to happen and it did. Her angel told her that when this object ( Elenin / Nibiru ) is at a 90 Degrees to earth there would be a Pole shift, and she strongly believes that this 90 Degrees is reached on May 9, 2011, but i think its possible to be also on May 8 one day before if there's anything to this just like her earlier date of March 11 was correct may 8 might be correct.
Here's her video showing alignments with Elenin and dates and the day she believes there might be a pole shift on May 9, 2011. On her other videos she explains about the earth being at 90 degrees to Elenin which will be the cause of a pole shift. On May 9 Theres a 90 degree angle with the earth and Elenin. Also theres a Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Earth and Saturn Alignment.
Will anything happen on this date, who knows but from this date May 8/9 to iyar 5, 2018 is exactly 7 jewish years, to the end of a 70 year Generation.
I know this is before passover and Unleavened bread and Pentecost but its when we least expect it to be its when it happens
And also Texas Sue from RFTH who dreamed of being with her mom and grandmother on Mothers Day.
I woke up today - March 26th - from a dream about Mother's Day. It seemed to just go on and on and on. In the dream, I had found cards that were so incredibly beautiful and unique for my grandmother and mother for Mother's Day. I had carnation corsages for them and money to put into the cards for each. I had $25 for mother and put $50 for my grandmother. When my sister opened the card to look at it, $35 fell out which surprised me. I thought I had put a $50 bill in it.

Anyway, it seemed as if preparation for Mother's Day was lengthy and meticulous in the dream. I should mention that my grandmother, whom I loved dearly, died in 1969 and my mother died three years ago, 8-9-08. When I woke up I thought that perhaps this may be about the rapture because both of these women are in heaven so in order to give them Mother's Day gifts and cards I would have to be where they are
. Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May, or 5-8-11.

Could it be this Mothers Day
Blessings Raul D