Raul D  (28 Apr 2011)
"April 29 Royal wedding and Space shuttle Endeavour"

Greetings Doves,
April 29 Royal wedding and Space shuttle Endeavour
Will this prophecy be fulfilled within 2 weeks from now?
Obadiah 1:4 (King James Version)
Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.
the International Space Station is the nest, the space shuttle is the bird being brought down to earth maybe the station also.
Could the Royal wedding be our sign that confirms the
Space shuttle Endeavour which lifts off April 29 is the One seen in the dream before rapture.
Michael had a dream of the rapture and a space shuttle that was forced to return to earth Before the Rapture, Michael dreamed that
there's was a space shuttle that was launched and it was forced to return back to earth how long after minutes hours or days after is not said but for the space shuttle to return to earth it had to leave earth i guess by hours to days after lift off, and it was forced to return to earth and land because of unexpected meteor showers, then
an asteroid will approach earth, then he says "the time has come" ( for the Rapture ).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqQXyjtqFDg
In My daughter's dream she seen the earth dance, then was hit by many small rocks she said which is meteors before being taken to heaven and seeing me and the family up in heaven, maybe she seen what will happen during the rapture because she was seated in the clouds before the meteors hit earth and the earth danced, to me this is telling me the order of events, first the saints will meet the lord in the clouds, just like my daughter was in the clouds then after she seen the earth dance and meteors hit earth from the moon, then she was taken to Heaven and seen a great multitude of angels and people including me there, so maybe this is it now.

This space shuttle could be the one seen by Michael, that returns to earth due to the meteor showers which was also seen by my daughter Victoria. Both Mothers day and Iyar 5 the 63rd anniversary of Israel rebirth is within the 14 day space shuttle mission ending on May 12 so within these days maybe the church leaves.

Sunday May 8, 2011 is Mothers Day and at sundown is the start of Iyar 5 in Jerusalem the 63rd Anniversary of Israel,
Iyar 5 May 8/9, 2011 + 7 years of 2537 days = Iyar 5, 5778, Apr 20, 2018

This is exactly 7 Jewish years with 2537 days, coincidence?.

2011 Launch Date: April 29

Mission: STS-134
Launch Vehicle:
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Launch Site:
Kennedy Space Center - Launch Pad 39A
Launch Time: 3:47 p.m. EDT
STS-134 Description: Space shuttle Endeavour will deliver the Express Logistics Carrier-3 (ELC-3) and the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) to the International Space Station.
Mission Duration:
14 days
The STS-134 crew members are Commander Mark Kelly, Pilot Gregory H. Johnson and Mission Specialists Michael Fincke, Greg Chamitoff, Andrew Feustel and European Space Agency astronaut Roberto Vittori.

During the 14-day mission, Endeavour will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) and spare parts including two S-band communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank and additional spare parts for Dextre. This will be the 36th shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

Raul D