Randy (2 Apr 2011)
"Ever wonder why Palestinians AWLAYS want the "right to return" to Jerusalem?  Article"

Wow.......   we/the world .....understand so LITTLE about why problems never get resolved between the arabs/palestinians and the Israeli's!!!!! .
The Palestinians want the RIGHT TO RETURN, becuase they have ALWAYS wanted the RIGHT TO RETURN.  Time has changed NOTHING!!
1) Why do the Palestinians (adults and children) want the right to return?  Because what how their live are structured....it is what they are TAUGHT to them since they were children.
2) Why do Palestinians want their kids to be suicide bombers?  Becuase that is what they are TAUGHT since they were children.
And so on and so on.......
THIS WILL NEVER BE RESOLVED....... Not until the Jews/Israeli's sign the 7 Year False peace Treaty.......  NOT UNTIL THEN!!