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"Marilyn Agee & Paul Wilson  =  Passover  vs  Easter"

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AS  I have learned to rely on God  for any answers , then again I would like to share  death of our LORD  and Saviour   Yeshua on the 14 Nisan.
Please ... be patient to read of what I  wrote. Thank you.
If we want to be honest with the scriptures , we have to believe it contains the truth of what Jesus said in Mat. 12 : 38 - 40
He was giving the right  moment of his coming death and resurection.
He said  3  days   &   3  nights.
Whatever scientists, religion pastors, chiefs , directors, so call experts in Bible studies  etc...   we have the exact answer from  the LORD  Himself.
Why can't we just accept  what He  said as the truth.
He said  3  complete days  &  3  complete nights.  Is there something complicated about the time He gave  to show He was from YHWH.???
First... Easter is not in the Bible.  It is a feast celebrated for Astarte   and not a God's YHWH  feast.
So people say that part of a day is considered to be counted a day  ; Then what did Jesus say when He spoke of  12  hours in a day   ?
That makes  24 hours  a complete day.
We know that the day(  24 hr. )  starts at sundown. A  few minutes after he was put in the tomb the Unleaven bread Feast began. They were in a hurry.
These few minutes are not to be counted as a day.  We have to be honest, here. They didn 't  have a few hours to work with.... no. no.
They hurried.  The scriptures tell us so .
I believe that some people count a few hours of a day  is counted a  DAY...
If some religions want to believe that part of a day is to be counted as a day... That's  OK ...   then it could be, if we were to count  a few  HOURS  of the day  or  half a day  etc...  and                   NOT  :       a few minutes  ! Remember : '' they were in a hurry because the Holy day feast was to start.''
To have Jesus resurected in very early morning on the first day of the week ( sunday )  before the sun came up  the tomb was already empty.
We don't have to guess. The scriptures tell us what happened.
Now... go back   3 days and 3 nights   ... what day of the week are we now ?.  We are thursday morning.  But right there , we know that thursday morning cannot be the time of the day  Jesus died.  The scriptures say it was in the afternoon  and Jesus died approx 3 pm.and was  put in the
GROUND   just before a  Grand Sabbat.  JN   19 : 31  
It has to be on the  14  nisan  and on a wednesday afternoon . Then the count is exact  and true        of what Jesus  said prior to his death.
Again , one has to be honest of what Jesus said.  If some  say that part of the day he died is  to be considered to be a day......
In  Mat 12   Jesus said   3 d.  &  3 n.   in the    G R O U N D .   He didn't say  He would be dead   3 days &  3 nights.   NO   !
He said He would be  in the  G R O U N D ( buried )      3 d. & 3 n.
Whoever adds some people's   ideas, theories, etc     ...    and try to match the death of Jesus Yeshua   with some planetary ( eclipse )  of sun or moon....
we have to remember , as christians ,  that if scientists can explain the phenamenal happenings  which occured that day to be with some planetary movements and
such  ...  then    GOD  the Father didn't show  anything to the crowd gathered  in Jerusalem that day.
We don't have to have a planetery movement in the sky  but to trust that the scriptures say that from  noon  to  approx.  3 PM   there was darkness on the earth  only shows that God did something strangly out of the ordinary thing in the middle of a day  which is to be   daylight  and not darkness.
Remember the crossing of the red sea by the people of Israel  with Moses.  Some scientist try to match this with some  wind  or some shallow waters in some places .
They  try to find answers  from the weather, volcanoes to produce darkness over Egypte    and such....  I  know that some people have a hard time to attribute miracles  to be the WORKS  of   YHWH , GOD Almighty.   Some might try to explain to miracles of Jesus  with some remedies, tricks, physiotherapy in muscles movements etc...
Remember the death and resurestion of Lazarus. Jesus  said it was to  show the Glory of GOD  that Jesus didn't come and cure Lazarus before he died.
By bringing him to life  was  to show HIS  FATHER 's Glory.
Some doctors try to explain that Lazarus was not really dead but he was in a  Coma.  Then the Glory of God would have been a trick used by Jesus ?  Hello  !
Remember the fight that Yushua, following Moses , and then  he fought in a valley and then God stopped the sun  to alloy Jeshua to fight and win .
Was that to be explained by some planetary stopping the sun to come up somewhere else like  U.S.A. continent ?  If the sun  don't show up in U.S.A continent and it somes  many hours too late  because the sun is stopped  by God somewhere in Israel  for a Israel's  fight.   ?  NO. Think of the agriculture, animals, people.
Some insects live only  24  hours ...  Has the sun stopped for the rest of the world and in so saying,  life has stopped for several hours. ?
The earth must have continued to turn but the sun that Yeshua  saw was  the light of God Himself  and not the  sun. It was a miracle  produced by the Mighty hand of God.... The same thing happened at the death of Jesus.  God's  hand made that darkness was in Jerusalem  for approx   3  hours. And then  Jesus died.
I  don't say that  there was no eclipse that day, NO...  It might have happened...   I  just  say it didn't have to be explain bysome  natural causes.
Then we can see the Glory of GOD  acting in His  SON 's death.
He was put in the  GROUND  just prior to the sunset.  That  day ( wednesday  , 14 nisan )  is not to be counted because he was not put in the ground   YET  !
We have to start counting from  when He was put in the GROUND    but not of what some religious people might say about  PART  of a day is counted a day.
That is not  what JESUS  said... He said   3  days &  3 nights..
It bring us to the beginning of the   4 th   day which is  saturday night at sundown.   That is why the tomb was already empty when sunday morning ,
The angel said :  ''    Jesus is alive as  He  has  said He would be... remember when He talked to you  before his death ''.
Easy  for them to remember what Jesus has told them   :  3 days  & 3 nights .
Luk 23 : 54 - 56  give us the time.  He was put in the ground prior to the beginning of a grand Sabbat which follows the Passover.
As the Passover ends, then begins the first day of  Unleaven Breads  which is a  Holy  day. No one can do any works. 24 hours.
Thursday night was an ordinary day until friday night which is  the weekly sabbat day as in the commendments   Ex 20 : 8 .
People had to rest because of that sabbat day ( week ).  The Unleavened Breads  first day celebration is not in the commendments of Ex 20.
That why it is wriiten in Luke   that they  were in a hurry to put Jesus in the tomb because of that SPECIAL  day following  the Passover.
Then  after that  they prepared some perfumes and such  for Jesus 's body... That has to be on the friday.... and then they rested after sunset on friday night as it is ordered in the commendments of Ex: 20 ..... Nobody could have prepared some arromates, and perfumes and such things  for Jesus 's body  on a Grand Sabbat day  or any other weekly sabbat  for that matter.    The only explanation to be exact  and according to Jesus's  words  has to be  wednesday  14 nisan.
People resting on  Unleaven bread ( day # 1 )   and then worked on friday  2 nd day  of Unleaven bread  and then rested on  weekly sabbat day as ordered in the commendments Ex 20 : 8 . That's  waht Luke says.
I dearly hope to help by writing about the subject of the day of our LORD 's death and resurection.  We have to believe what Jesus said ; otherwise He  would be considered a liar.  AND   we all know that  He is the  TRUTH .
By this resoning of this sharing the word of God , I  hope that I did not offend anyone. I  just want to give credit for the miracles to whom it belong to. The credits go to the LORD cause He is the Maker of all things.He holds the truth in every WORDS He speaks.    I  just wanted to share my explanation of this miracle.
May GOD  bless each and every one of us  searching  in GOD's   Holy  WORDs.
R - 1000