Porchlady (19 Apr 2011)
"God is Good All the Time...End Time Message?"

Hello John and Doves,

First time posting.  I wanted to thank you John for all your work on this site and also for all those who research and contribute regularly.  The Doves site has dramatically changed my focus since I have been reading it.

I may have missed seeing this particular video posted, but as soon as I saw it on the news I thought that this could possibly be yet another 'sign' for believers as we enter into these final days.


Here we see a rider-less horse chaotically running loose amidst the traffic in Philadelphia....please take note of the message written on the back of the car that the horse runs next to for quite a while:  God is Good All the Time.  What a message!  Church of Philadelphia?  Horseman unleashed?  A message of hope for the Lord's people who are looking to Him.  It made me stop immediately and thank our Lord for His great mercy and kindness.  In the midst of our trials and the end-time chaos, here is a message of comfort and hope.

Thank you once again for all that you do, John.
Welcome to the Doves, Porchlady!