Paul N. F. (29 Apr 2011)


By A. W. Tozer

Chiefly them that walk after the flesh ...and despise
government.  Presumptuous are they, self-willed.
2 Peter 2:10

       Throughout history, the philosophers have pretty well
agreed on the conclusion that selfish personal interest is
the motive behind all human conduct.

      The philosopher Epictetus illustrated his understanding
with the fact that two dogs may romp on the lawn with
every appearance of friendship until someone tosses a
piece of raw meat between them. Instantly, their play
turns into savage fight as each struggles to get the meat
for himself.

      Let us not condemn the old thinker for comparing the
conduct of men to animals. The Bible frequently does and,
humbling as it may be to us; we humans often look bad by

      If we would be wise in the wisdom of God we must face
up to the truth that men and women are not basically
good: they are basically evil and the essence of sin lies in
their selfishness!  Putting our own interests before the
glory of God is sin in its Godward aspects, and the putting
of our own interests before those of our fellow man is sin as
it relates to society. SELFISH PERSONAL INTEREST

       By the Cross, Jesus Christ demonstrated pure, selfless
love in its fullest perfection.

       When He died. He set a crown of beauty upon a
God-centered and an others-centered life!

Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.