Paul N. F. (16 Apr 2011)

                               OUR FUTURE REWARDS

              By A.W. Tozer

               Every man shall receive his own reward.
               1 Corinthians 3:8

                  Our  motives  in  the  Christian  life  should  be both
                     right and genuine. God is the Faithful One. We are to love Him
              and  serve  Him  because  He  is  God -- not  because of the
              gracious  things  He  does  for  us  or  for  the  rewards  He
              promises us!

                  However, it should be said that God does not expect us
              to forget or ignore  the gracious future promises He has
              made to us.  It is a glorious truth that if we believe God
              and honor His Word, if we walk by faith in love and
              obedience, there will be eternal rewards for each of us in
              that great coming day.  The rewards will differ.  Wisdom
              and  knowledge  and love reside in Him who is our God.
              He will make the right judgments for His people.

                  I for one will not be surprised if some of God's faithful
              people serving Him today should rise as high and shine as
              brightly as the heroes of faith listed in the book of

                  I say that in all truthfulness, because I do not think that
              all of the heroes of faith are dead and gone!

              Yours in Christ,
              Paul N. F.