Phil (8 Apr 2011)
"Obama and the London Olympic Games, 2012"

John and Doves,

This chart shows the days of the 2012 Olympics in London, 2012 for July and August.



The first row is the date.

The centre number in red/yellow is Obama's birthday, 4th August, 2012.

The second row is the day number counted from the outside with 9 in red/yellow

appearing twice.


In row #3 notice that when the date is added to the day number from 4/8/2012, Obama's birthday,

 to 12/8/2012 everything adds to 13 and also that the two additions before 4/8/2012 are 9 and 11.


The fourth row is a cumulative total for row #3. It adds to 304, but, if we add another 13

for the second #'9', then we get 317 which is prime #66.


Then look what happens in row #7 when you continue the count from the RH side starting with 1 on Aug 12th and

ending with 17 on Sep 27th. ie backwards. (Would you not say that Obama has taken the USA backwards?)

The added values of the date plus the  place number of that date gives you 12 x 13 and 5 x 44, 44 being the fact

Obama is the 44th President and 13 stands for sin and rebellion against God. Wow!

Note that row #7 adds to 153, the fish number.


(5 x 44) + (12 x 13) = 376, which is a chapter number of a ‘666’ chapter, namely 2Chr Ch9 v13 no less.

(There are four ‘666’ chapters of which 2Chr Ch9 is the second)


What a strange collection of 13's & 44’s.


Could it be coincidence? Could it be chance?


Keep looking up,