Phil (29 Apr 2011)
"Light Years Away"

John and Doves,
I think I have finally got my head around this time and space thing. (clap!) Took long enough.
It is commonly accepted that stars are all millions of light years away and what we see now,
at any given time, is exactly that number of light years away or ago. So, what we are seeing
actually happened a long, long time ago.
So, using this concept as a guideline, if we were ever able to build a spaceship suitable for such
a trip to any of these far, far away stars (and their planets) we would surely find things as they
were many millions of light years ago.
Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that make such things as super-advanced aliens a very unlikely
occurrence? And then it follows that if and when such beings appear they are more likely to be demons
appearing as beings (aliens).
None of us can understand the Universe in all its complexity. It will remain a mystery. It is all beyond
our comprehension. Only God knows the answers.
Keep looking up,