Phil (27 Apr 2011)
"Re Chelsea Brown's "Obama ; More 666""

John and Doves,
Thanks Chelsea for bringing us yet another occurrence of 666 or 216 relating to Mr Obama.
The other most notable thing about 216 is that it is the day# of his birthday of course. Now then, where was he born?
You mention the voting day(s) for Obamacare being the 21st March, twice.
The 21st March is just about close enough to be called the vernal equinox where the sun is right overhead of the equator.
Searches I did said March 20th was the vernal equinox but that was a SUNday so they couldn't vote then.
However, March 20th is day # 79.
79/365 = 21.6% - another 216 if you like, and twice too!
Keep looking up,