Phil (25 Apr 2011)
"Grammy Awards to Easter Sunday"

John and Doves,
You may remember the slightly bizarre behaviour of a certain lady as she made her entrance to the
Grammy Awards on Feb 13th, 2011. The Lady was Gaga and she arrived in an egg on a cross.
Notice also the horn-like protrusions on the heads of the carriers.
Today is Easter (Ishtar, Oestre) Sunday, April 24th (8+8+8).
Easter is celebrated with millions and millions of chocolate Easter Eggs.
From Gaga's Egg entrance on 13th Feb to 24th April, International Chocolate Egg Day, is 70 days.
70 days is of course exactly 10 weeks.
Yes, Ishtar is pronounced EASTER. In Assyria she was worshipped as the goddess of erotic love,

new life, Spring, fertility and much more. She is also known by many other names as well, including

Aphrodite, Venus, Semiramis, Astarte and Ashtaroth. She is the queen of heaven who is spoken of in

the scriptures; and the wife of Nimrod / Baal, and the mother of Tammuz.

In 5 days time on 29th April William will wed Kate at Westminster Abbey, no doubt being watched by

millions around the world.

On Friday 22nd April there was a service held at 11am in Westminster Abbey celebrating the Queen's 85th birthday.

I saw a bit of the TV report where William spoke and quoted Scripture. He seemed very sincere to me. The

commentator mentioned that in exactly 1 week's time another Royal was to be wed in the exact same place

at the exact same time.

On the subject of the wedding, Nicole posted "What kind of wedding is this?"

Keep looking up,