Phil (18 Apr 2011)
"5.2 Quake in Queensland"

John and Doves,
In Queensland, Australia we just had a 5.2 quake fairly close to Townsville on 16/4/2011.
We don't get many so this is noteworthy.
From 16/4/2011 to 29/4/2011 (Will and Kate's wedding) is of course 13 days.
We have a couple of other noteworthy events in Queensland in recent times including cyclone
Yasi on 2/2/2011 and Oprah arriving in Cairns on 8/12/2010. Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast
at Mission Beach.
They are all fairly close to each other and all occurred on the coast near the Great Barrier Reef.
A red line joining them on Google Earth forms an almost straight line. This red line can be continued
to Toowoomba, also in Queensland where they had damaging flash floods on 10/1/2011 and then on
again to  Christchurch in New Zealand. But an almost perfect straight line goes from Mason's Beach on
Stewart Island in NZ where the Pilot Whale stranding took place on 21/2/2011, the day before
the disastrous 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch on 22/2/2011, to Cairns.
Remarkably, from this Pilot Whale stranding on MASON's  Beach, NZ to the 5.2 quake near
Townsville, Qld is 54 days or 18+18+18 days.
Remember also that from MASON's Beach to Christchurch quake epicentre is 333 miles.
The distances apart are also interesting.
From Cairns to Mission Beach is 110 Km.
From Mission Beach to the 5.2 quake is 290 Km.
110 + 290 = 400.
400/110 = 3.63636363.
From 8/12/2010 (Oprah) to 2/2/2011 (Yasi) is 56 days or 8 weeks
From 2/2/2011 (Yasi) to 16/4/2011 (5.2 quake) is 73 days or 10 weeks and 3 days.
Adding kilometres and day gaps 56 + 73 + 110 + 290 = 529 or 23 x 23.
I think it is Clay who says 23 is a Rapture number.
Keep looking up,