Paul Wilson (4 Apr 2011)
"prophecy in the news - satan and dinosaurs"

In a series in the prophecy in the news magazine ‘satan’s long long story’ Gary talks about satan being a dragon and perhaps him being the angel looking over the reptiles and the dinosaurs. He thinks the 4 mentioned in Revelation are watching over the wild animals (lion), the domesticated animals (calf), the winged animals (eagle) and man (man). He thinks as the anointed cherub being a dragon would have been watching the dinosaurs and when he sinned and fell that the destruction of earth then killed the dinosaurs quickly and that in the 6 day recreation in genesis few reptiles were made since there is no angel for them. (see prophecy in the news magazine Nov and Dec 2010 and Feb, March, and April 2011)
There doesn’t appear to be a angel that watches over sea life though.
I am curious as to thoughts of people here regarding this.