Paul Wilson (30 Apr 2011)
"Please Send to Kristy Bridges"

Hello Kristy, I know nothing can remove the pain you have but I do wish do say A) the bible only mentions one unpardonable sin and that is blasphemy against the holy spirit NOT suicide. B) it sounds like he was mentally stressed in the end and I do believe God takes that into consideration knowing that if he were thinking clearly he wouldn’t have committed suicide. Some on the doves have said differently but I truly believe that God can forgive suicide while it might cost Eddie a crown or a reward it shouldn’t cost him heaven. If Jesus can forgive those killing him while on the cross He can forgive Eddie.
I didn’t always feel this way but as time has gone on I have come to see that suicide isn't unforgivable and that when the mind is not clear one is not held in contempt for their actions. I am sure he is ok and waiting for you. Don’t be discouraged. You can tell you son daddy is in heaven and be confident in that. We will be raptured soon and you will see him again. Tell your son daddy will hug him again. How old is he if you don’t mind telling??? I have a big heart for children and hope he can get through the time between now and the rapture without too much difficulty. Tell him it is OK for boys to cry. My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family.