Paul Wilson (25 Apr 2011)
"RE: So That Your Joy May Be Complete"

I know you will see precious again. I know the heart-ache of loosing a canine family member I have lost four over my 33 years. I know the Lord is taking care of them and that we will see them again and they will never leave us again afterwards. To me it even hard to call them dogs because they are so much more than just a pet or just a dog they are family.
here are my 4. though Sneakers was more mom’s I am sure I will spend some time with him. The Westie is Sneakers, the Beagle on the table is Snoopy, the Beagle on the deck is Sally, and the boxer/pit bull mix is Sarah. All four of ours (mine and my parents) started with ‘s’ 2 ‘sa’ and 2 ‘sn’. We didn’t plan it that was it just ended up like that. In fact Sally we got from the local animal shelter (no kill shelter) and she already had the name Sally. We started with Sarah, meaning princess, then had Snoopy next then got Sneakers and finally Sally also meaning princess. Funny how God lead us to Sally so we would start and finish with a princess. Sneakers and Sally were together for 6 month prior to is being put to sleep. (he had a liver shunt so he was not quite 2 years old when we had to put him to sleep) we look forward to hugging them again.  I am hoping and praying God will let me have some more dogs in heaven to take care of many are in shelters with no one to care for them surely he will let me have some.
Stan Freeman (19 Apr 2011)
"So That Your Joy May Be Complete"

     Recently, we lost our beloved pet of twelve years.  This little dachshund was a big part of our family, like one of our children, and we grieved for the loss. 

     Although I am reluctant to admit it, I cried out to the Lord in tears & anguish asking “Why Lord, why did You take Precious now?”

     The Spirit answered in the still small voice, “So that your Joy may be Complete.” 
     I have spent much time in thought on this, and it has brought me much comfort to search out its meaning.

     What a wonderful Loving Father we have that he concerns Himself with the Complete Joy of his Children—and I pray that I will see my little friend again someday soon.


     The Lord is Coming Quickly so that Our Joy May be Complete.