Paul Wilson (19 Apr 2011)
"updated trib numbers and rapture possiblities"

these are the numbers from before I will cross out ones as they come and go. there could be other rapture watch days in between the ones listed here but aren't include in here, like the 21st through 24th of this month, cause these numbers deal with trib start and end and I don’t have space to list all the possibly rapture days. I use 7 sense it would be a full week prior to start and 13 because of it’s importance in occult circles if they want a war it could last 13 days then peace. With WWIII expected to be nuclear it would have to be short, 7-13 days, or no one would survive. I have heard the PTB want a 13 week WWIII but with it being nuclear I that that is too long a time frame. Plus I have always had the feeling Yellowstone will be a 13 day eruption and I think it will go off the same time as the rapture or at least the same day.
the 70 generation numbers are:
Start                                                                              End                           Rapture Possibilities 13 days and 7 days prior
April 14th 2011                                                May 14th 2018                                                 April 2nd    April 7th
Iyyar 5 5771 or May 9th 2011                         Iyyar 5 5778                                                   April 26th   May 2nd
May 14 2011                                                    May 14th 2018                                                 May 1st      May 7th
Sivan 10 5771 or June 12th 2011                    Iyyar 5 5778                                                   May 30th   June 5th
June 28th 2011                                                May 14th 2018                                                 June 15th   June 21st
July 12th 2011                                                   Sept 9th 2018                                                  June 28th  July 5th
Av 19 5771 or Aug 19th 2011                        Elul 29th 5778                                                  Aug 6th      Aug 12th
Sept 9th 2011                                                    Sept 9th 2018                                                  Aug 27th   Sept 2nd
Sept 25th 2011                                                  Sept 9th 2018                                                 Sept 12th   Sept 18th
Elul 29 5771 or Sept 28th 2011                     Elul 29th 5778                                                  Sept 15th   Sept 21st
Oct 30th 2011                                                   Dec 31st 2018                                                 Oct 17th    Oct 23rd
Heshvan 6 5772 or Nov 3 2011                     Elul 29th 5778                                                 Oct 21st     Oct 27th
Dec 31st 2011                                                   Dec 31st 2018                                                 Dec 18th    Dec 24th
Jan 13th 2012                                                   Dec 31st 2018                                                 Dec 31st     Jan 6th
and the 52 year generation numbers are
April 6th 2012                                                    June 6th 2019                                                Mar 24th   Mar 30th
Iyyar 16 5772 or May 8th 2012                      Iyyar 27 5779                                                April 25th  May 1st
Iyyar 27 5772 or May 19th 2012                    Iyyar 27 5779                                                May 6th     May 12th
June 6th 2012                                                    June 6th 2019                                                May 24th   May 30th
June 20th 2012                                                  June 6th 2019                                               June 7th     June 13th
Av 3 5772 or July 22nd 2012                           Iyyar 27 5779                                                July 9th      July 15th
July 28th 2012                                                   Sept 29th 2019                                             July 15th   July 21st
Elul 24 5772 or Sept 11th 2012                      Elul 29 5779                                                  Aug 29th   Sept 4th
Elul 29 5772 or Sept 16th 2012                      Elul 29 5779                                                  Sept 3rd    Sept 9th
Sept 29th 2012                                                  Sept 29th 2019                                            Sept 16th  Sept 22nd
Oct 11th 2012                                                   Sept 29th 2019                                             Sept 28th  Oct 4th
Oct 30th 2012                                                   Dec 31st 2019                                              Oct 17th   Oct 23rd
Kislev 7 5773 or Nov 21 2012                         Elul 29 5779                                                Nov 8th    Nov 14th
Dec 31st 2012                                                   Dec 31st 2019                                             Dec 18th   Dec 24th
Jan 13th 2013                                                    Dec 31st 2019                                            Dec 31st   Jan 6th