Paul Wilson (19 Apr 2011)

As far as day of the week since Jesus was killed on a Wed and in the ground 3 days and 3 nights (literal no partial) meant he rose sometime between sundown Saturday, after the Sabbath and sunrise Sunday. So if we get raptured/resurrected at the same time we looking at 23rd – 24th as possible times from the 1st – 4th watch. Since he first ascended shortly after sunrise on Sunday, after speaking to Mary, the morning of the 24th is possible. Now by going to Hebrew dates we would be looking at him raising on the night portion of the 18th (night is BEFORE day in their days) so for us that is sundown Thurs 21st to sunrise Fri 22nd 1st – 4th watches. With the morning of the 18th being his first accession then Friday morning is possible too.
Just a thought