Paul Wilson (14 Apr 2011)
"Letter to Netanyahu"

My friend Benyamin,
        Shalom. Hope you are well. While I have written before on the subject of Iran I feel led to write again but this time on the subject of the UN. We both know the UN is no friend of Israel and shows their hostility towards you in their resolutions. Just as in other times in history being Jewish is not politically correct while being a anti-Semite is all the rage amongst those who lead the nations. Israel should not sit amongst a den of thieves and murderers. I think it is time for Israel to withdraw from the UN as you can no longer afford to be yoked with those who will not stop your destruction. You must leave the UN as they have left you long ago. We both know war is coming and we both know the UN will condemn Israel for it even though you no longer have any other  options and to leave to UN afterwards would look petty but to leave before sends a strong signal to them. They can no longer lead so it is time to move on. You can not count on Obama and the US any more to veto resolutions. While there are many people in her that support you even would give their lives for you those in her government are against you. Yes the UN has been helpful in the past even voting for a Jewish state in ‘47 but given their increasingly hostile stance of the past 20 years I think you owe them NOTHING! If the UN will not help you then there is no point in involving yourself with them. Just as the Romans before them, the world government of that day, they too will destroy Israel after causing suffering amongst her people. You can not allow that. Leave NOW and take care of yourself. God will help and protect you. He has been there from the beginning and will not leave you now. You must trust only in him not in man and mans institutions (i.e. the UN [or the EU or USA for that matter]) for we both know the only world government that will work will be the one set up by the messiah. Faith will sustain you and bring you victory. Ask God and he will have your supporters provide money, food, and any other aid you need. I pray for you and Israel and hope soon you will have a third temple and that it will lead to a more peaceful world.
YHWH be with you and all of Israel in this trying time,
Paul Wilson
Independence MO USA