Paul Wilson (1 Apr 2011)
"Re: For Paul re answer to Dewey"

I know you wont respond but hopefully you will read this. if you watch the hidden faith video (I posted the YouTube link before) it talks about David Barton quite a bit. It is the last part of the vid. I Have much respect for covenants God created but I don’t see the compact as Him making a covenant with us but us with him and man made ones are NOT to be held up to the God made ones as equal.
Dewey (31 March 2011)
"For Paul re answer to Dewey"

Hi Paul, I don't buy the line about the Founders NOT being Christian.  You said I should study their writings etc.  Perhaps Paul you could see and review David Barton and his work
for yourself, its all available on video. Wallbuilders, David Barton, EXTENSIVE materials to that end. Of course you don't have to receive his research, I do.
Next, and this is my last post with you on this subject, I NEVER said it was not possible for America to be judged or destroyed because of a covenant......I referenced men who DEMANDED of God WHY HE had not done so, and the answer they said God gave them.
This is to you and the other Bro who wrote that I indicated that, not so.  Its obvious to any
deaf, dumb, and blind man or woman that God has put certain specific judgements onto
this country, BUT, HE GOD told WHY He had not destroyed America thus far, and that HE
GOD gave the reference toThe Mayflower Compact.  It doth appear that YOU and others
don't employ alot of respect for COVENANTS as God had respected them, perhaps a bit
of research on Cutting Covenants might be in order.
Otherwise Bro Paul, may the Lord Bless You and Keep You in HIS COVENANT Of Love
set in motion by Christ Jesus during The Last Supper.