Paul Synder (14 Apr 2011)

Thanks, Marry Ann.  What a wonderful note!  I have traveled the world over and have been waiting so long to be home.  There was a time I felt at home but that was when I was young.  Then I went off to the University and I was so anxious to get home.  Then there was the war and I was so anxious to get home.  I have been in many states and countries but always so anxious to get home.  Then about twenty five years ago I spent a month in Israel.  When I exited the gate into Israel, I felt that I had just come home.  But I had to come back to my work and I am still waiting.  It was so strange that I felt at home in Israel but perhaps it was because that God was there.  In any case I have been singing that beautiful song for many years for this world is really not my home.  Thanks you so much, I hope to see you soon.  Paul