Patty Hayes (8 Apr 2011)
"The Media celebration"

And oh did they celebrate this early Thurs. morning.  I couldn't sleep so I got up to see what they all had to say.  You'd thought there was a party going on and the chuckles were abounding at the announcement of Glenn Beck and Fox News. At first I thought ABC, and NBC where going to have live interviews with Glenn. Not so, but reporters proclaim the news showing a tweet from Richard Ailes saying it didn't matter to him how it was reported, "Glenn was fired, or Glenn resigned".   They went on saying Mr. Ailes and Mr. Murdock could not withstand the 30% decrease of advertisers funding them and people leaving Fox and watching other media outlets. 
Not one mentioned the Soros funded attacks of Glenn getting advertisers to not use Fox until they got rid of Glenn.  I don't know about you but daily I was hearing from Mr. Wallis' Sojourners asking for my support, and the Huffington Post also seeking my help as well.  They campaigned heavy for Soros and the Left. 
Mr. Wallis, a former Seminary graduate of Trinity Divinity School, a University who had formerly been very conservative, has signed on with the liberal left and as I read his own blog, I did write to him to cease and desist as I had been associated with the Evangelical Free Denomination for many years of which Trinity is from.  Mr. Wallis is a dyed in the wool socialist, and marxist by his own words and he is Barack's one of many "spiritual" advisors. 
I also wrote to the National Conference of the EFC and the President never responded, but did hear from the head of the Theology department regarding their beliefs on Social Justice, an euphanism for Socialism. He stated that a part of the Conference now are socialist and they were going to have a conference with this as part of the issue.  He never wrote back afterwards.  But, on their on Statement of Faith, Social Justice is still embedded with them.  
The EFC Denomination in years past were engaged in not only heavy missions, but, were known as givers to those in need, engaged in the Right to Life helping those centers find alternatives for unwed mothers to birth their children and either raise them or find good families to love and adopt those children. They never needed a "banner" before to engage culture and now they have incorporated into their agenda socialism. 
"If it were at all possible to deceive the elect"...Christian, be thoughtful and not disconnect your brain to what we see before us.  If Glenn Beck lost his position at Fox, know this for certain, err goes Rush, and anyone who would dare to stand with Israel, to stand with our Constitution, to actually stand on behalf of you, for your liberty and freedom.  But, more importantly, they stand for your right to worship our Lord without conflict. 
So, who is next??? Will it be you??  If we are not raptured soon, it just may be you.              Unless you have no convictions and considered willing to go along with their agenda so long as my pocket book, home and family can have an easy ride.  
Patty Hayes