Patty Hayes (7 Apr 2011)
"Transitioning to a new place"

Hi Doves,
By now I am sure many of you have learned that Glenn is phasing out of his daily Fox TV broadcast.  What he has managed to do is to maintain a positive relationship with Mr. Ailes and Executive office.  He will be doing specials from time to time. 
What he has stated over the course of the past couple of years is the intensity of the pressure by Soros and his team of players of the onslaught of threats to boycott those companies that purchase time from Fox News to advertise with the intent to shut down Fox and Glenn.
This move, I hope will protect the good relationship between Fox and Glenn, but, I cannot help but sense that Soros and gang now have a taste of what they interpret as victory.  That being said, it will not stop there.  Pray for Glenn and his family and Fox News as
this seems to be a replay of what happened many years ago with those at Voice of America who were quietly dismissed and never heard from again. 
This is not good and we must keep vigilant in prayer, vigilant in knowing God's word and conviction of obedience to His Word and service.  Also, this is telling to our times in which we live in.  We must do three things, first live for Christ, look up, and reach out to our communities where ever we are.  Second, we must not live in complacency to our nation and the hour of its trial that affects us. 
Third, we still must engage our world, protect our nation by writing, by voting, by bringing truth into every conversation.
Pray for Glenn and his family.  Many may not know, but Glenn has a special needs child and his wife dealing with the threat of cancer.
Patty Hayes
P.S.  As I wrote I learned that both Meredith Viera and Matt Laurer are also leaving their posts.  Times are a changing.