Patty Hayes (14 Apr 2011)
"Comparative Religion"

     Mormonism:                                       Orthodox Christianity
Jesus returns to Missouri                     Jesus returns to Jerusalem
Israel no longer valid                           Israel is God's plan
Saved by works                                   Saved by grace
Pre Incarnate Spirit beings                   Conceived in mother's womb
Last I heard from Glenn's own words is that he believes in the literal return of Christ to Israel, Israel is a major role in end times, he believes in salvation by grace, he believes in life beginning at conception not pre incarnate spirit beings.  And he believes in standing alongside with Israel.
These are a large part of the Mormon vs Orthodox Christian themes.  Glenn has abandoned by his own admition the Mormon teaching on each of these themes.
When Glenn is traveling about he attends Orthodox Christian Churches these days from what he shares.  His friends around him as of late are by-in-large Orthodox Christians;  John Hagee, James Robinson, the Graham family and so many more.  From what I have read by other Christians, they have pulled out of context to develop a pretext which is not a true text and akin to deceit to which they make the claim about Glenn.  Anotherwords, it appears not to be true critical thinking or reasoning nor going to the source, being Glenn himself, to confirm their accusations.  And that according to the guidelines of Scripture is clearly out of bounds.  We are not to judge without the real truth of the matter.
I for one do not insist on being God and judging or telling another what kinds of discussions they are allowed to have or not to have so long as it isn't using profanity or perverse language.  People are allowed to have beliefs and God is the ONLY JUDGE, not us.  To say that they are not allowed to have a discussion about faith is censorship and here we do not practice censorship or should practice censorship.  Or to infer that someone is a good candidate for the Antichrist, come on!!! You are not all-knowing.  I think maybe the problem is here is jealousy and fearmongering and quite honestly sin as it is gossiping since you haven't had any contact with Glenn himself and just making accusations.
Try writing to the man first and hearing from him before you make accusations.
He has responded before on his program. I know as he has done that for me. I do write directly and have again and know that when Glenn is back from his tour I will be looking for him to address again these accusations.
Patty Hayes