Parker (19 Apr 2011)
"commenting on leslie (sleep Paralysis)"

I have not posted here before but just wanted to comment. I not only agree with leslie but I also have experienced this so called sleep paralisis. It used to happen to me a lot but now has subsided probably because I recognize it now and fight it off. There were even times when I after being asleep felt the demon enter the room before  he eminated his essense (which is Fear a lot of times) over me and I would be frozen and not able to move or talk. I personally dont see them in the spirit but more then likely they are on top choking trying to keep one from talking. I would say the name of Jesus in my mind over and over until it got easier then eventually be able to say it out loud but they do leave. keep repeating the name of Jesus until you sense them letting loose and continue until you have total freedom with your mouth and words. there is power in the name of Jesus. After all greater is He who is in us then he who is in the world. I have learned very important before going to bed, plead the Blood of Jesus over your dreams, ask the Lord for His hand of protection over your sleep and make sure to have Gods armor on everyday, God put it there in the bible for a reason because He knew we would need it and therefor we need to use it. Demons dont  give up easily, and we are not to either and they usually will come after us if we are doing something damaging to their work or kingdom but not all the time,  I think too  they just absolutley hate us because we are God's creation, that is my experience. Keep in mind..... Our God who never sleeps nor slumbers He sees and knows the goings on of the enemy during the night hours and He is there with you. Call out to Him, He WILL come to your aid, for He is our every help in time of need!!!! hope this is helpful to whoever needs it. - Parker