Ola Ilori (2 Apr 2011)
"RE:Michael PM"

Hi Michael,
You wrote,
"I have been told that I can know for sure by speaking in tongues.
I have made attempts to speaking in tongues while praying before but it doesn't seem right.
I have full control of my lips and tongue as I utter the jibbering sounds.
All the sounds and motions I thought had to be from the Holy Spirit, according to The Bible, but I don't feel that."
I see your making the same mistake than many make when it comes to speaking in tongues.
The Holy Spirit doesn't take us over the way you think.
You are not going the "feel" the power take over your vocal cords.
All you need to do is speak what ever articulate words your moved to speak, believing that it's the Holy Spirit giving you the utterances.
Many Christian remain passive in their Christian walk because they don't feel anything.
We don't move by feelings we act according to what the Word clearly reveals.
Yes, it will feel like you are making up the words you speak, be assured - you're not.
Every utterance is given to you by the Holy Spirit!
All you need to do is speak them out.
I speak in tongues all the time, from 5 minutes to 3 hours.
I don't feel the power take me over!
I just speak believing the Holy Spirit is giving me the utterances, and I speak them out.
The result?
I have the power to will and do what the Word says.
I have the power to understand the Word.
I live each day happy, and full of joy and peace.
The Holy Spirit also empowers me to be a loving husband and father to my 4 children.
I hope the Lord comes for us in May 2011, but peradventure we are still here for another 5, 10 or 20 Years, I will gladly live each day filled with the Holy Spirit!
I hope this helps.