Nando (18 Apr 2011)
"Destruction of Egypt (Ezekiel 29) and Damascus discussed"


April 16, 2011 Destruction of Egypt (Ezekiel 29) and Damascus discussed

Today I listened to the Prophecy in the News daily program of Thursday April 14, 2011 and the host Mr. Gary Stearman and Mr. Bob Ulrich were discussing a question asked by a reader concerning the prophecy of Ezequiel 29 against the land of Egypt.

The reader was concerned that if the prophecy foresees the land desolate for 40 years is Christ return at the Rapture also delayed for the 40 years after the destruction of Egypt? The arguments by Gary and Bob overflows into other topics like the Millennium and the Isaiah 17 about the destruction of Damascus Syria, the Muslim brotherhood and the Rapture.

It is a discussion that could go on and involve a myriad of eschatology subjects found in the Bible.

My own thoughts on the subject run in accordance to their position. After the Tribulation when Christ returns to set up His 1000 year Kingdom there will be widespread destruction in the earth and scripture states that He will have a major reconstruction done in order to render the earth livable for those who enter His Kingdom in human mortal flesh.

Some places He may chose to let them stand as a reminder of the punishment that was meted as a consequence of rebellion and evil.

This coming week is Holy week and passover, First fruits, so it is important to pray and be in spiritual watch and communion with Jesus as it is a possible time for His coming for the Bride in the Rapture and as Gary says at the end of the program keep looking up for your redemption draws near.

If you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ I hope these words and those found in this blog and the links offered could serve you as a venue to start on a journey of love and “obedience” with your creator father in heaven.