Nando (15 Apr 2011)
"Is the Rapture coming next week? Reply to Nicole & Amanda & all doves"


April 14, 2011 Is the Rapture coming next week?

The days are going by and the time is approaching for the Feasts of Holy Week.This morning coming back from picking up my car from the upholsterer I was listening to a radio station that plays classical music and a car besides mine had the license plate 777 ___ which is the # of God. The station was a public broadcasting network and today was the last day of a fund raising campaign. The announcer was saying the words there are only a few hours to the end, he was referring to the end of the fund raising, but at that moment a car with the license plate 999 ___ came at my side and I thought about the plate that inspired me to start this blog in 2008 which was 999 GOD. See my first post back then.

Well we are very close to the end of this world to normalcy. Amanda’s son was revealed this date by Jesus, see her post in here. It is 7 days away!


Nicole (14 Apr 2011)
“To Amanda re: 4/21/2011″

Amanda,  On the calendar this date happens to be Nisan 17….see the MIRACLES of this date.