Myra (26 Apr 2011)
"Fay re: "Myra and Doves""

Hi Fay,
We were away for a couple days ... days without the Doves is like days without sunshine!!
I couldn't believe my eyes reading your post of April 22.  I read and re-read it, trying to take it all in.  You better  believe God would not send the Heron without good reason!  First, winter, we have the Heron standing, gazing towards the East, then  spring, he's flying over your garden towards the East .... incredible!
As far as the 22nd is concerned, could be something did happen behind the scenes, if you will. More then likely that "something" has to do with wickedness, par for the course today!
Thanking our Lord again and again for John, Fay and all the Doves.