Myra (18 Apr 2011)
"Fay and Doves"

Hi Fay,
No, I didn't expect that you had seen the Heron, I was quite sure if you had, you would have reported that to the Doves.  I was just wondering why it was posted with the the date April14 when I had posted that back in Feb. sometime, doesn't take much to confuse me, ha ha!  I guess too, it surprised me because of the fact I had pictured him the night before while trying to get to sleep.  I do this quite often, focusing on something I've read, usually.  Take for example, I'm reading Oswald Chambers bio, again.  Right after Oswald's death, his wife, whom he called Biddy was on a boat named Ibis with friends who had arranged a trip to help with her grieving process.  Among those with her was a young woman, named Bessie, who had played the piano for Oswald's meetings in Cairo.  She was deeply shocked and disillusioned by his death.  She could not understand a kind, merciful God taking such a radiant man who was so vital to the life of the men in Egypt.  One night, Bessie and Biddy were sitting in deck chairs  on the Ibis talking about Oswald.  Bessie glanced toward a table and was astonished to see Oswald sitting there, "as natural as ever, thought seemingly more radiant."  She heard him say "Bulger, (his nickname for her), let not your heart be troubled.  It's all right, you can't understand God's ways but get down into His love.  Don't lose your grip.  Be radiant for Him."  Bessie turned to Biddy and asked excitedly, "Did you see him here just now?"  She described the vision.  Biddy replied that she hadn't seen it, but didn't doubt that her young friend had.  Bessie pondered the experience, wondering if it could have come  to bring her back to faith in the goodness and love of God.  Indeed it did.
It seems to help me have a more peaceful sleep doing this.  I don't dream much either, when I do it usually makes no sense, kinda disjointed. That's why the night I asked the Lord for confirmation regarding Dr. Owuor, I thought perhaps he'd give me a dream I could understand, very clear, but I got something oh so much better!  Eric's Bible has given me that same sense of urgency as never before, just as you spoke of.  So many ............... so little time.
I believe very soon you'll be seeing your dear mother, Fay.  I  miss mine oh so much too.    When we arrive at our destination, we'll make sure the four of us get together for tea and crumpets!  All Doves invited!!!!
NO invitation necessary.
Until, dear one,