MSpivey (8 Apr 2011)
"A dream about a tidal wave"

On Friday 3-25-11 I had a dream about a tidal wave.  I had dreams about tidal waves before the big one hit Indonesia the day after Christmas several years ago, cant remember what year.  I had a dream before the Japan earthquake and tidal wave as well.  In these dreams I'm always in my own house.  In this dream I looked out the back window and saw a huge wave way up in the sky 100 feet or more up.   I knew it was over so I started praying for God to forgive me of my sins and started saying the lords prayer over and over again.  The wave was crashing over the house.  Then I noticed that it was still standing and no water was coming in, good sign I think.  Then I looked out the front door and in the northern sky something strange was going on.  The sky was pink in an area and the sky was opening up.  There in the opening was something that looked like an ark (Noah's ark?).  Something that looked like a small boat came out of it and fly down to me.  In it was a being which was black.  I was not sure if it was a person, angel, demon or something else.  It was short, black and had curly black hair.  It was laughing hysterically.  It spoke to me and said,  not yet---2 weeks.   That was the end of the dream.  2 weeks will be this Friday, 4-8-11.   I have been repeating the Lords Prayer ever since on and off during each day.  Please say the Lords Prayer if you need protection from something that is coming.  I feel the Lord is telling me this.  God has spoken to me many times thru dreams.  Please keep this in mind as Friday comes.  However it could mean Saturday.   I don't know what time it was when I had the dream.  Could have been early Saturday morning.   Please pray about this.  And please don't forget about THE LORDS PRAYER.