MSpivey (20 Apr 2011)
"re Storms in VA and NC"

Dear Doves,
A few weeks ago I posted a dream about a tidal wave coming.  In the dream I was saying the Lords Prayer.
I am now thinking that in my dream the tidal wave may have been the tornados that we had here in Virginia and NC.  I have seen a tornado before that looked like a wave coming down out of the sky.   I live in central Virginia and we had tornados all around us on Saturday afternoon.  The storms were expected to come around 4pm.  I went outside and plead the blood of Jesus over my property and prayed for everybody that I knew and loved.  Then when things started getting bad I starting saying the Lords Prayer.  (However I had been saying this prayer multiple times daily since I had the dream).  My neighborhood was spared any damage, but all around us got damage.  There were 6 tornados confirmed here in Virginia on Saturday.  I saw someone's post about the Nuclear power plant here loosing power.  I am not that far from Surry where the plant is, maybe an hour at the most.  From now on I will pray protection from any disasters happening at this plant.  I hate nuclear anything.   Anyway, at the end of my dream the sky was pink in an certain area of the sky and then I saw like a Noah's ark in the clouds.  Well after this storm on Sat., when it was all over, as it went on for a good while, a certain part of the sky, to the east was pink in the clouds.   I took pictures, haven't loaded them yet.  And there was a rainbow,  So I was thinking maybe the rainbow was representing the Noah's Ark in my dream and then too the pink sky.   I  am thinking the storms may have been worse here if I had not prayed the Lords Prayer as I did.  I felt God had showed me this in my dream to do.    Thanks for listening,       Mary