MSpivey (12 Apr 2011)
"To Todd re dream about tital wave and new dream"

Todd, thank you for your thoughts and yes I did think about the possible government shutdown.  In my dream after the water came crashing down,  the house was still standing and there was no water inside either which I thought was a good sign. a sign of protection is what I thought.    I would also like to mention that I had another dream this past Friday night.  It had a lot of things going on it, so I wont tell the whole thing which was like a   But in the dream there was something coming and everybody knew about it.  A lot of people were gathered together in different places and houses and such.  My family and frineds were gathered, but I dont know where we were.  We were waiting and we got bored so some of us went out for a ride in the car.   I noticed no children were playing at this park, they were too tired, even the birds were tired, they werent flyng or singing.  Then we saw it.  Black streams of smoke shooting across the sky.  A volcanoe had erupted. We went back to the house and I said we might have to put out any fires that might occur from the projectile.  Then there was a lot of water   ( once again)  in the front of the house and the back, was closer to the house in the back.  There were cars flooding down the road .  But the house was ok, once again.  lol.     Any thoughts?