MJ Martin (22 Apr 2011)
"70 Years"

The prophet Daniel who received understanding from the Angel Gabriel of things to come before, and after the Messiah. Daniel 9:21-27.
Four hundred and forty nine years after the seventy years of captivity of the Jews in Babylon. Jerusalem would be restored in troubled times, and the time the streets and walls and the Temple are built again. The time when King Herod restored Jerusalem the Messiah would come. The Messiah would die not unto himself but for those who believed he is the Son of God. Isa Chapter 53, 1 John 5:5-12.
The prince of this world would come and destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, and the Jews fled to the uttermost parts of the earth. Seventy years after the rejection and crucifixion of the Messiah. MT 24. 1, 2; LK 19: 41:44.
The birth of Israel in Ezk 37: 1-22 was fulfilled one thousand nine hundred and forty eight years after the death of  Christ. Seventy years after the rebirth of  Israel the prince of this world will come again against Jerusalem. The appointed time of the day of the Lord to reign and rule form Jerusalem. Zech. 12:8-10.
Who is to say we are not to know 2018 is the year our Lord returns to reign in Jerusalem a thousand years? Although we are not to know the day nor hour of his return, this is explained why no one will have concept of the day nor hour in Zech. 14:1,2,3,6,7.
The seven years of Tribulation will begin in the year 2011 more than likely in the fall. Be ready! That is to say fall not away form the faith of the gospel of truth in Christ Jesus. The door between the end of the church age, and the beginning of the tribulation is in a twinkling of an eye.
Rejoice knowing your names are written in heaven. Amen.
John and Mary