Mikki (19 Apr 2011)
"Dreams and Visions on Passover 2011"


Dreams and Visions.


I have had many dreams and night visions. I don’t talk much about them-mostly to family but I will post a few of the dreams/visions and experiences I have had. I’m doing this because I had several visions of the bride today that I would like to share. I will include some before of the stuff before today.

I have had 2 or 3 experiences where I felt I was being raptured on separate occasions in my life. When I had them they felt so real. I won’t go into much detail because I really want to tell you what happened today. I also must mention that several years ago I did hear beautiful trumpets. This year, I have heard distinct knockings. So much so that sometimes I think someone is at my bedroom door. This has happened about 3 times this year.

Now today, which was great! When I woke up, I knew I had been singing, Shout to the Lord by Hillsongs. I was somewhere where I was worshipping. Then, I got up and started looking for stuff regarding the Passover and did some reading, writing and teaching. But I wanted to take a nap, I usually don’t take a nap during the day but I really had the feeling that the Lord was going to show me something.                  As soon as I laid down, I heard:

Celebrate good times come on! There’s a party going on right here a celebration to last throughout the year, so bring your good times and your laughter too….(Copyright belongs to prospective owners-for fair and educational purposes [Celebration © Kool and the Gang)

I felt as if there was a celebration in tow. I get up to jot it down, I jotted it down and then closed my eyes again. And in less than a minute I see the Bride of Christ standing up and Jesus is in front of her and right after that scene there was a flash of gray as if I was watching a tv program and the station went off air. It was super quick.

So then I got up and wrote that down. Then I layed back down and in less than a minute another vision. I saw Jesus kind of twirling His bride. It wasn’t fast. But what really got to me was how he looked and how she looked. I saw him looking like a royalty,  with a white Jacket, and a red sash going across it. He had a very trim beard, beautiful blue eyes and was looking at his bride. What I saw her wearing was interesting too because she had some sort of head piece crown on her head the kind that sets the big diamond?  in the middle of the forehead with the gold bands going around it. I saw her dress but don’t remember much-just that her hair was brown and pulled back in some time of (non severe) loose bun. I was so surprised at what they were wearing.

So, I got up and wrote this down and lay back down again today. As soon as I saw this I had another vision. I saw:

A young black lady in her undergarments (like you see some people wearing a bikini at the beach) staring into what I think was a mirror. I was like oh Lord why am I seeing this? Because I could see her flesh and her hair was not combed. In an instant the scene changed. She was in an all white room sitting at a small table that had a white flowing table cloth. Behind her was a window with white curtains and the walls were white. She was sitting there in white looking as if she was waiting for a wedding. She had a   white wedding outfit on (not sure if it was a gown or a suit) but I do now that she also had a beautiful white hat that had pearls in it. She sat at the table with her head in her hands, knowingly waiting for the wedding. I got the impression that she had made herself ready.