Mikki (19 Apr 2011)
"Passover 2011"




I woke up this morning with a sense of urgency. I wanted to finish this song I am composing for the Lord/one that He gave me entitled: You Died For Me  as a gift to Jesus and to be finished before Passover started, however I now realize that it will be finished during Passover. It is a beautiful instrumental song. Amen.

On another note (J) The April 21st date that many believe will be the rapture kept sticking up like a sore thumb to me. In the back of my mind I was wondering how could this be and this is not Easter. So I started doing some digging and found out some more information. I already knew that Passover and Easter were similar holidays with Passover being Jewish and Easter being Western.  And Passover being the death of the Lamb and Easter celebrating the Lamb being resurrected. And the type is that Jesus is our Passover lamb and when we are saved by Him and his blood covers us from death just as the Passover lambs blood on the door posts covered God’s people from the Angel of death killing their firstborn.  Through my research I found out the date was changed because the powers that were back then did not want to celebrate a Jewish holiday and they wanted the celebration to be on Sunday.

But still why the 21,st isn’t that before Easter? Well, I’m not a date setter or one who counts or knows much but this is how I look at it-and I welcome your input.

If the Jewish people are celebrating Passover now Nissan 14(in Israel time)-wouldn’t 3 days away be Nissan 17?? Isn’t that Thursday? Which is the same April 21st that everyone is looking to?  Now this makes sense to me and sits well with my spirit. I feel that just as Jesus rose from the dead so shall we.  

 Amen, Amen, Amen!!

I also feel that there may be some connection to him walking around the earth for 40 days and nights and us too but I haven’t found it yet although the number 40 is very intriguing. I am not a date setter, or a prophet, I am just telling you what I have a strong sense of. And today I had a series of visions and dream about Jesus and the bride. Which, I will post separately.