Michelle S (21 Apr 2011)
"Final Moments"


Bride of Christ,

I am an intercessor of many years. Today in prayer I heard Jesus say, “final moments. You are in your final moments.” He was speaking to me as I represented the longing Bride before Him.

No, I am not prophesying that He will come today, although I hope He comes today. I am saying in agreement with what He said to me, that whether He comes today, tomorrow or in weeks or months from now…We, the Bride of Christ, are in our literal FINAL MOMENTS here in the earth.

He said…


“Final moments.

My Bride will be ‘delivered’ up to me.

You are in your final moments.

Final moments.

And you will be delighted to be with me.

And I will be delighted that you are with me.”


Then the saddest feeling came over me. This is often how the Lord deals with me as an intercessor. I feel what He feels in prayer. I feel His delight. I feel His anger. I feel His joy. And in this moment, I was feeling His sadness. I’ve felt it before many times. This time, I was feeling His broken heart over those who would not be with Him.” I cried for them….it was a long, very deep, very mournful cry because this is how He cries for those who will be left behind knowing that they, too, had full opportunity for it not to be so. Very, very soon, imminently, the opportunity to share in the reward of those who will make up the eternal Bride of Christ will be gone. At this time, He cries deeply for the ones who will be left behind.

After my tearful prayer session with the Lord, I had a knowing that just as when our newborns are ‘delivered’ and the mother immediately forgets the labor, the extreme pain she has just endured, in some cases for days prior, Jesus and His Bride will immediately forget all the pain we experienced before we were “delivered’ up to Him.  Finally, He and we will be fully satisfied….fully joyful beyond explanation.

And when he sees all that is accomplished by the anguish of his soul, he shall be satisfied;…-- Isaiah 53:11

A wonderful commentary on this scripture (found here http://bible.cc/isaiah/53-11.htm) says “He shall see of the travail of his soul - The sense is, he shall see the fruit, or the result of his sufferings, and shall be satisfied. He shall see so much good resulting from his great sorrows; so much happiness, and so many saved, that the benefit shall be an ample compensation for all that he endured.”

Amen. Father, send your Son for the Bride!


Michelle S.