Michele Kennedy (20 Apr 2011)
"Laban and Jacob continued"

Thank you John for posting this letter.  I enjoyed putting some of the studies into a teaching format, but this is only a beginning really.
Thanks again!  God bless you so much for your continued faithfulness to this Resurrection Lovers Board!
Michele Kennedy

Jacob and Laban



The story of Jacob and Laban is very intriging to many Bible lovers. 


What I have been given in this continual study, is that the book of Genesis spans the entire Beginning to the complete end of time. 

God declares the 'End from the Beginning' so... to Genesis we have the Highlights of History.


As a Gentile who doesn't speak Hebrew I rely on the use of my Strongs Concordance heavily for biblical understandings above my ability,

and the Holy Spirit prompts me in the direction He leads.  It's proven truthful over many years and hundreds of hours of studying the Word of God.


Who or What does Laban represent?


Laban is the Hebrew word  #3837 Lavan or Laban and it's Hebrew meaning is just the word WHITE.Also Lebanon as a Mountain that is Snow capped on the very top or it's point.

White has a dual meaning and is found in the 2nd book of the Bible, Levi ticus in Chapter 13 which describes the LAWS OF PURIFICATION / LEPROSY.


Chapter 13 this number is dual in it's meaning as well.


In reading this chapter one realizes that this is a disease that shows up on the skin or the covering of mankind.  Take into consideration the way in which this

disease is indentified by the Priest.


Lev. 13:1 "When a man 120 shall have in the skin 5785 of his flesh 1320 a rising 7613, a scab 5597, or bright spot 934,

and it be in the skin 5785 of his flesh 1320 [like] the plague 5061 of leprosy 6883; then he shall be brought 935 unto

Aaron 175 the priest 3548, or unto one 259 of his sons 1121 the priests 3548:"


#7613 RISING: Sa eth - Occurs 14 times in the Bible (7 times as Rising).

rising 7, dignity 2, excellency 2, accepted 1, highness 1, raise up 1

Rising up, Lifting up, Eminence, a place of rising up in the skin,

Excellency, Majesty

A Sentence Decree of a Judge.


Revelation 13:1 "I saw the Beast rising up out of the sea."  Anti-Christ/Leviathan


#934 Bright Spot: Beth Aleph Resh Tav "Bohereth"- Occurs 13 times in the Bible

1) white patch of skin, brightness, bright spot (on skin)


2) (CLBL) bright spot, scar, blister, boil


a) resulting from fire


b) resulting from inflammation of the skin


c) possible sign of leprosy



Now when we get to Levitcus 13 VERSE 13 we find something very Ironic.


 Then the priest 3548 shall consider 7200 : and, behold, [if] the leprosy 6883 have covered 3680 all his flesh 1320,

 he shall pronounce [him] clean 2891 [that hath] the plague 5061: it is all turned 2015 white 3836: he [is] clean 2889.


When the Leprosy is completely covering the fleshTHEN they are CLEAN!!!

Think of Israel here ..... And Naaman!!!  They are cleansed through the FIRE they endure of the 7 year Tribulation Period! Then they are truly clean in the flesh or MADE WHITE!!!!!

1 Peter 4:1

Forasmuch then as 3767 Christ 5547 hath suffered 3958 for 5228 us 2257 in the flesh 4561, arm 3695 yourselves 5210 likewise 2532 with the same 846 mind 1771: for 3754 he that hath suffered 3958 in 1722 the flesh 4561 hath ceased 3973 from sin 266;


Laban's name is associated with Israel's Judgment. Notice the number 2015.  This Could be the actual year takes place to Israel. 2015 Gods has all knowledge of all things of all times!


Genesis 31:2 (13 BACKWARDS) AND THE NUMBER 2.

 Laban's sons accuse Jacob as being as a 'thief.'

And the countenance of Laban changed toward Jacob.  (my own interpretation here.)  Barak Hussein Obama's presidential slogan was "CHANGE, WE CAN BELIEVE IN!"


Shanah #8138 (note there are other Hebrew words for change as well but this one suits the textual interpretation).


Outline of Biblical Usage


1) to repeat, do again, change, alter


a) (Qal) to change


b) (Niphal) to be repeated


c) (Piel) to change, alter


d) (Hithpael) to disguise oneself


AV — change 7, second time 3, again 3, diverse 2, alter 1, disguise 1, doubled 1, pervert 1, preferred 1, repeateth 1, misc 1



EXODUS 22:2 First Mention of the word "Thief"




"If a thief 1590 be found 4672 breaking up 4290, and be smitten 5221 that he die 4191 , [there shall] no blood 1818 [be shed] for him."


22:3  " If the sun 8121 be risen 2224 upon him, [there shall be] blood 1818 [shed] for him; [for] he should make full 7999 restitution 7999 ; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold 4376 for his theft 1591."

Jesus is acting as the thief here.  The Jews reckoned Jesus to be a thief at His first coming.  He will be acting as a thief AGAIN when he returns in the clouds to snatch away His own.  If the sun/SON be risen upon Israel, 

then there shall be restitution for them. If he have nothing (poor provisions) then he shall be sold for his theft. Jesus was sold/EXCHANGED for the real thief/murderer and all of US who accept His EXCHANGE.


#4290 Machtereth


breaking up 1, secret search 1


Micah 7:4 

"The best 2896 of them [is] as a brier 2312: the most upright 3477 [is sharper] than a thorn hedge 4534: the day 3117 of thy watchmen 6822 [and] thy visitation 6486 cometh 935; now shall be their perplexity 3998".


#6486  Visitation

1) oversight, care, custody, mustering, visitation, store


a) visitation, punishment


b) oversight, charge, office, overseer, class of officers


c) mustering


d) store


Exodus 22:7

"If a man 376 shall deliver 5414 unto his neighbour 7453 money 3701 or stuff 3627 to keep 8104, and it be stolen 1589 out of the man's 376 house 1004; if the thief 1590 be found 4672, let him pay 7999 double 8147".

Double #8147 Shenaiym

1) two


a) two (the cardinal number)


1) two, both, double, twice


b) second (the ordinal number)


c) in combination with other numbers


d) both (a dual number)


AV — two 533, twelve + 06240 105, both 69, twelfth + 06240 21, second 10, twain 7, both of them 5, twice 5, double 5, misc 8



This is the REAL thief of Israel!  The one that has been caught stealing, taking valuables / Israel's  house. Breaking up destroying, breaking through the wall (of defense that is).  The ANTI-CHRIST


New Testament: 1st Mention of the Word "Thief"


Mat 24:43

"But 1161 know 1097 this 1565, that 3754 if 1487 the goodman of the house 3617 had known 1492 in what 4169 watch 5438 the thief 2812 would come 2064, he would 302 have watched 1127, and 2532 would 302 not 3756 have suffered 1439 his 846 house 3614 to be broken up 1358."


Laban's sons are accusing Jacob of thievery ("taken away'), and Laban's countenance is no longer toward Jacob as before. So THAT is Jacobs que to FLEE.

He calls unto his wives Rachel and Leah and explains to them how he is innocent in this matter, and that the Lord has directed him to RETURN to the Land of His Father.


Genesis 31:7

"And your father 1 hath deceived 2048 me, and changed 2498 my wages 4909 ten 6235 times 4489; but God 430 suffered him 5414 not to hurt 7489 me 5978".

Gen 31:8

                  If he said 559 thus, The speckled 5348 shall be thy wages 7939; then all the cattle 6629 bare 3205 speckled 5348: and if he said 559 thus, The ringstraked 6124 shall be thy hire 7939; then bare 3205 all the cattle 6629 ringstraked 6124.


 Gen 31:9 Thus God 430 hath taken away 5337 the cattle 4735 of your father 1, and given 5414 [them] to me.


[ Gen 31:10        And it came to pass at the time 6256 that the cattle 6629 conceived 3179 , that I lifted up 5375 mine eyes 5869, and saw 7200 in a dream 2472, and, behold, the rams 6260 which leaped 5927 upon the cattle      6629 [were] ringstraked 6124, speckled 5348, and grisled 1261.


Ringstraked #6124


 Striated and Banded

 Marked with Stripes.


Speckeled #5348

Naqod (Nun represents Falling and Rising again in the Hebrew language).

Marked with points or little spots


Grisled #1261

Barod'(Beth is Household or family, and Resh is Trials, Evils  Hardships endured, and Daleth is Door, as in swinging open on a hinge, and shutting as well.)

Sprinkled with Spots (especially with WHITE).


Remember Tamar?  There are two of them!  One represents Gentile Family fathered through Judah (Gen. 38) and the other reprents Israel (2 Sam 13).  Her name means a very strong, erect tree, called a PALM TREE!!!  The Palm is the place of power, in the hand (the arm of the Lord  Yeshua), and The garments are coverings one is hidden in (Gentile Family) and also Varigated in color as Joseph's was! (Representing Israel's royalty lineage we are all apart of.  Multi colored and varigated, speckled, spotted and ringstreaked with white (purity) and brown, (sin) in the flocks, BUT the Garment was of MANY BEAUTIFUL COLORS.  Yeshua's Glorious Covering EXCHANGE.

This covering went from all the way down to the Hand and all the way down to the Feet. 

Passover blood was put on the Door Posts (hands nailed to cross)  and Threshold trough (feet nailed).


Bar is the Hebrew word for BOLT, or swiftly travelling from one side to another as a Rail or Ladder does.

In the story of Tamar #2 (Israel) she is raped by her brother Amnon (Faithful as in PILLAR, FOUNDATION) and then HATED by him. (Clue: PILLAR/FOUNDATION Psalm 11 study.)

The story gives the word "BOLT the DOOR" in verses 17 & 18 of 2 Samuel.


In other words "Shut them out or Cut them off from being a nation!"  BAR/ ACH =  LIGHTENING BOLT. #1300


"They have said 559, Come 3212, and let us cut them off 3582 from [being] a nation 1471; that the name 8034 of Israel 3478 may be no more in remembrance 2142".

I believe God is painstakingly showing me that this Man is the Man of Sin, Lawless One, and the Anti-Christ.  Since he is Muslim he fits this man, but as many of you already have found numerically he aligns to the 666 number as well.  I have been pondering this  possibility and it's becoming more of a reality as I study the Word of God and allow the information or revelation to transfer over. 

The Book of Daniel has taken on a new meaning as well as Revelation.

We are THAT Generation!  The Lord has impressed upon me the sense that all time, creation and history are crecendowing in this man, in this man, in this man.  And we will look upon him and wonder, because he just looks like every other man (sterner is all).  But not a Beastly figure that we conjure up in our minds when we think of the Seed of the Serpent, the Beast with 7 Heads and 10 Horns and 10 Crowns. 


We are witnessing his rising up into the World now.  He is a communist at heart and is set up to overthrow the US and ISRAEL in the End.  The Muslims are coming here to America soon.  The Aliens/Demons/Watchers are coming after the Rapture or right before. (Genesis 6 repeated) Isaiah 26:19-20. 


Deception is the Name of the Game and there is so much of it for so long, we have become desenstized to its destructive end.  But keep reading and studying the Word of God, don't rely upon others to spoon feed it to you.

The more you read the more you'll understand and it's depth is passed finding out, but oh so fun trying!!!!  The revelations will keep rolling in, just like a wave, one after the other. 


Thank you for letting me share with you my word study on this on going subject of Laban and Jacob.  There are many gifted Bible Scholars on here I know, and trust the Lord is working in us all individually.


The number 11, 12 and 12 are very interesting numbers to study out.  Start in Genesis with 11, then go to Exodus for 12, then go to Levitucus for 13.  See what the Lord shows you there.  Trust Him He will lead you into ALL TRUTH!!!  Study to show thyself approved a worker who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

God Bless you all,

And Keep your Heart's upon Him


Michele Kennedy