Michael Colunga (20 Apr 2011)
"RE:  Nicole--"Signs the Rapture is about to Happen""

Hello, John and Doves,
There is a favorite passage of mine, sister Nicole, that calms my spirit when I read prophecies such as your son's.  It is written,
    "Say 559 to them [that are] of a fearful 4116 heart 3820, Be strong 2388, fear 3372 not: behold, your God 430 will come 935 [with] vengeance 5359, [even] God 430 [with] a recompence 1576; he will come 935 and save 3467 you."  Isaiah 35:4
God seeks His own.  Even after the Rapture hits, God has a list of those He will save.
It is written,
    "Father to the fatherless, defender of widows this is God, whose dwelling is holy."
                                                                Psalm 68:5  NLT

Isaiah 55:1--"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price."

Those that respond to the gospel are the same ones God has foreknown.

In HaShem,

Mike C.


Nicole (19 Apr 2011)
"Signs the Rapture is about to Happen"

My son had a vision a couple of months back where he had seen after the rapture that inflation rose to such a high that it was worse than the German Weinmar inflation era.   He saw that a can of soup started at $2, then it was $5, then $10, then $20, and on and on.   He saw that there were children who had been left behind whose parents were not saved, and the children had already reached the age of accountability.   And that the age of accountability was younger for some in places where they had more knowledge of life by the tv programs they had been exposed to, the movies and the internet if you know what I mean.   He did see children in elementary and junior high in some places because these children had lost their innocence.   Anyways he saw the TSA/Antichrist police move into the schools where there were children.   I guess some schools started consolidating because some had few students, some had a lot, some had no students.   He saw that the TSA monitored the schools and ESPECIALLY the cafeteria because children and teenagers were hurting each other and stealing each others food and supplies.   The lunches were $30 a day and you were not allowed to bring your lunch to school anymore.
Then I had a vision not too long ago where I saw the TSA in the high schools "patting down" the students on their WAY IN and also their WAY OUT of the schools EACH TIME they entered or exited.   Maybe it was because they were hurting each other out in the school yards as well and harassing each other at each others cars.    The kids were starving!    They had to be watched in the cafeteria because the poor students HAD NO FOOD!   And the rich students were laughing and eating in front of them!   The TSA cops were stealing the food from the kids whose parents who were left behind but had PREPARED (many of the Mormons and others who were decent people yet not saved/born again) and would EAT THEIR LUNCH IN FRONT OF THEM AND LAUGH!

Anyways I was going to mention that the school districts in Houston, Texas are now making announcements of school CLOSURES and CONSOLIDATIONS....and that they are RAISING THE PRICES OF LUNCHES....and a school in Chicago is now stating that it is AGAINST THEIR POLICY TO BRING A LUNCH FROM HOME.

Small signs pointing to a VERY LARGE SIGN of what is to come....AKA premonitions!