Michael Colunga (20 Apr 2011)
"Is the Aish.com Hebrew calendar really 240 years in error?"

Hello, John and Doves,
Please post this, John.
The accuracy of the calendar in use at Aish.com has been verified by the Equidistant Letter Sequence codes in the Tanakh.  For an example, kindly read the three books by Michael Drosnin, a non-believer (at this time--but, whoa, Nellie, I believe the LORD will see to his salvation, to the eternal glory of the LORD of Sabaoth [Hosts], the God of Israel).
Faithless skeptics love to take other passages in other languages and come up with preposterous ideas.  However, the Bible code only works with the original Hebrew of the Tanakh.
As such, the inescapable punctuation of important events, along with their proper Jewish dates proves, apparently by the LORD Himself, that He designed the Aish.com and other calendars for such a time as this.  Doubt be damned.
After all, if a car is about to mow you down, or its passengers shoot you with a gun, what does it matter the exact make of the car, or the manufacturer of that .45 caliber weapon?  If you are dead, then you are dead.  In the same way, Jesus is coming soon, and on time--no matter what number you or anyone else is pleased to call this year.   God has His own schedule.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Lewis Brackett (19 Apr 2011)
"Hebrew calendar 240 years in error"

The Hebrew calendar is 240 years in error. At the time of the second revolt from Rome 135AD, the Jewish leaders wanted to make the book of Daniel support their leader as being the Messiah. So the re-figured the dates from creation, subtracting 240 years from the calendar. In the confusion following the final dispersion, no one ever changed it back. So The true Hebrew Calendar year is about 6010/11. Even the Jewish encyclopedia admits this.
Lewis Brackett, San Diego