Michael Colunga (12 April 2011)
"RE:  Keith Davidson--your post:  "To KATHY""


Hello, John and Doves,

Brother Keith, another outstanding teacher and prolific author on all things spiritual was Kenneth E. Hagin [1917-2003]--a Pentecostal preacher of the Word of Faith movement.

In HaShem [The Name],

Mike C.


Keith Davidson (9 Apr 2011)

Kathy, (Re : article  Barry & Michael)
This is  your DAY !  Click on  amazon.com,and search for the following:
* " They Speak With Other Tongues" by John .Sherrill.
It is available.
Many years ago, when seeking the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of GOD'S Love! When the HOLY SPIRIT takes over your tongue and body, there is complete submission to HIS Work in you.
The fundamental experience brings the child of GOD into anyone of the 9 Gifts Of The HOLY SPIRIT:
* Gift of speaking in tongues
* Gift of  interpreting of tongues
* Gift of prophecy
* Gift of wisdom
* Gift of healing
* Gift of miracles
* Gift of knowledge
* Gift of discerning the spirits
* Gift of faith
There is no greater Love than the LOVE OF GOD!
May our Lord richly bless you Kathy!
Keith Davidson